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Random musings of no particular note.

Avoid safe roads. They usually lead nowhere.

Most people lug an ever-growing pile of garbage around with them until they die, at which point their kids throw it away.

Electronic love is a form of drug addiction that is usually cured by meeting in real life.

When choosing your friends, the most important thing to look for is how they treat their enemies.

Success is having the money to buy a 70 meter yacht. Greater success is having the maturity not to do it. Real success is having the discernment not to want it.

Sanity just means your perspective is well aligned with the majority.

Live. Do stuff. Don’t watch stuff. Don’t read about stuff. Don’t listen to stuff. Don’t dream about stuff. Don’t talk about stuff. Don’t think about stuff. Don’t plan stuff. Do stuff.

In war, the big army with pretty uniforms always calls the small army without uniforms ‘terrorists’.

Never take weight loss advice from a fat person, financial advice from a poor person, or relationship advice from a single person.

If you treat a girl badly enough, she will often fall in love with you.

It usually takes the first 50 years of life to learn to want the right things at which point you usually stop caring much about the things you own.

The Internet has shown us just how worthless most written words are. This will likely destroy organized religion in time.

As absurd as it is, cancel culture may end up being one of the best things that's ever happened to us.  Maybe we might stop idolizing humans instead of going through the ridiculous cycle of putting them on pedestals and then shooting them down once they're there.

What is it about female virginity that appeals to some men? They spend their lives hoping to have sex with a girl who’s almost certainly no good at it.

Charity that isn’t given anonymously isn’t really charity. It’s a simple purchase of respect, goodwill and some degree of fame.

More isn’t better.

Do not seek wisdom in glib snippets posted on the internet. Like these.

The human race was not made for safety. We build safe, clean, beautiful, pristine cities with universal health care and reliable infrastructure and we all wait eagerly for our six weeks of vacation so we can go somewhere uncivilized and feel alive again.

Justice is just another word for vengeance.

When you’re lying on your deathbed thinking about your life, do you really think you’ll give a damn about the safety you enjoyed, the money you saved, or the risks you avoided?

Wake up, eat, go to work, come home, eat, watch TV, play computer game, go to sleep. Repeat until dead. If that’s what your life looks like, you can save a lot of time by jumping now.

Nobody ever dies of a broken heart. They just wish they had.

As the western world dies, we should never forget that it wasn't conquered.  Our slavery is of our own choosing.  We voted in free and fair elections for the chains that now bind our wrists. People talk about freedom but what they want is order. They want safety. They want things to be controlled. They’re totally willing to abandon their freedoms to achieve it, too, as long as their neighbours also lose their freedoms. The transition of the US, UK, EU, Australia and Canada from relatively free countries to the police states we now live in has not come over the objections of the people but at the behest and demand of the people. We have the governments we asked for. the governments we deserve.

Your intentions are nothing. Your plans are nothing. Your good wishes are nothing. Your prayers are nothing. Your hopes and dreams are nothing. Your excuses are nothing. Your fighting the good fight is nothing. Results are everything.

Why do we annually celebrate the fact that we are one year further from youth and one year closer to death?

Happiness is overrated. Be somebody. Be worth a damn. You won’t be as happy but you’ll matter, even if nobody else realizes it. Perhaps especially if nobody else realizes it.

Declaring strength is usually done by the weakest. The strong have no need to declare their strength. The same is true for declaring intelligence.

Conservatives today are no longer conservative. Today, most conservative fiscal theory is based on the absurd premise that you can balance your books by cutting taxes and hoping the magic budget fairy comes along and increases revenues somehow. That this has never happened in all of history does not deter them.

People who have never been anywhere are often the most vocal about declaring which is the best place in the world. Unsurprisingly, it’s usually wherever they happen to live.

There is exactly the same amount of evidence of Jesus Christ having existed as there is of Alice in Wonderland having existed, namely one book of apparent fiction that says so.

Good photography is usually either bland and commercially viable or interesting and unmarketable.

I think my favorite absurdity in a world full of absurdities is when a white Ashkenazi Jew, who is not a semite, calls a brown Palestinian Muslim, who is a semite, an anti-semite.

It takes time to learn who we really are, and that’s almost never who we thought we were in youth.

Conservatives talk about balancing budgets. Liberals do it.

There are photographers and there are camera buffs, with very little overlap between the two. Camera buffs sweat the specs and then buy expensive cameras that they admire too much to risk actually using. Photographers sweat the specs, too, and then grab the best camera they’ve got handy and shoot. If they damage their camera, they can always buy a pristine replacement at a discount from a camera buff.

I refuse to believe that the Lord God Almighty, creator of the universe and all within it, is such a petulant and insecure ass that he demands slavish and sycophantic bootlicking from all his creations, failing which he will torture them for eternity.

Most people focus on how precious and sacred life is, and they protect it so dearly that they forget to live it.

This is my time. Right now. Not yesterday and not tomorrow. These are the days that will define my life. There is nowhere I’d rather live. There is nothing I’d rather do. There is no one I’d rather be.