Reg Natarajan 

How did you find this site?  Nobody comes here. You're probably here by mistake.

Interesting that you've stumbled upon this place.  I don't know what you're looking for but you're probably going to be disappointed.  There's not much to see here.  I designed this site entirely for my own convenience, mostly to organize my own thoughts on things that matter to me.  It's amazing how much clarity one can get on a topic just by writing things down.  Anyway, now that you're here, you can learn a bit more about me below, or surf my various mental cubbyholes using the menus above.  Or just move along to the next site on your journey.  In the end it matters little.

Some Projects I'm Working On

Some frequently asked questions

Who are you?

I would’ve thought that was rather obvious. My name is Reg Natarajan.

What is this site for?

More than anything, it exists for my own convenience.  This site gets almost no traffic.  It is a place for me to organize and access things that mean something to me. It’s also a way for me to share things with people I know and with people who may find them interesting.

Why should I care about your stuff?

You almost certainly shouldn’t, a fact which really should cause you to reassess your motives in reading this FAQ.

Well, I think you’re an idiot.

That isn’t a question.

What do you do, anyway?

I have a few pokers in the fire.  I recently sold my data center and am now deciding what to do with what will likely be the last professionally active decade of my life.

If you’re a businessman, why do you promote socialist programs like government health care and education?

I worked in the health sector for many years and in that time I found that purely private systems for fundamentals like health care simply don’t work. If someone is sick and doesn’t have the money to get better, don’t be surprised if they end up on welfare or, worse, breaking into your house to get food money. Don’t even be surprised if they kill someone needlessly in the process — desperate people tend not to use good judgment.

So, are you a conservative or a liberal?

I am what I am. That which I am remains unaltered by the labels others choose to apply. If it helps you any, most would call me a fiscal conservative and a social liberal.

Where do you live?

I split my time between Vancouver and Medellín.

Colombia, eh? Are you a drug dealer?

You are so clever. I have never heard that joke before. I wish I was witty like you.

Why do your links have predominantly Canadian content?

Because they exist primarily for my own convenience.

But that makes them less useful to others.

Welcome to my world. I hope you enjoy your visit. Feel free to create your own online world somewhere else.

What’s with the old cars, boats and black & white prints?

I like them better than new cars, boats and colour prints, generally. I don’t dislike all newer handicraft. I’d never go back to film cameras, for instance, and I think some newer cars and boats are stunning. Overall, though, I value craftsmanship and quality and I don’t much care how old (or old fashioned) it may be.

Why did you delete your blog?

Because it was stupid.

Will you link to my site?


Don’t you want to see it first before deciding?


Why do you say politically incorrect things?

Habit. I grew up in a world where free speech was valued and cancel culture didn't yet exist.

How old are you?


Your site is full of funny spelling, such as “labour” and “harbour”.

That’s because I speak and write English, not American.

Can I republish your stuff?

Sure, go ahead. Most of it is crap, anyway, which makes it par for the net. Don’t bother emailing me to tell me you did. I don’t care.

Why have you released most of your stuff into the Public Domain?

Because copyright law is stupid.

But without copyright we'd have no more Hollywood movies!

How tragic.

Don’t you like movies?

No. I also don’t own a TV.

What other strange personal traits do you have?

I play no computer games other than chess. I do not drink to excess. I use no recreational drugs and I think tobacco is vile. I also have a strong aversion to tattoos.

Are you a homosexual?

No, but I have no quarrel with them.

Do you hate America and Americans?

Not at all. I’ve spent a great deal of time there. I love the US and have nothing but respect for most Americans, although I admit I don’t care much for the current crop of far-right Republicans. I am saddened, however, by the fact that the US is turning into a police state, a feeling shared by many Americans. I find it utterly repulsive to see armed soldiers patrolling the New York subway. I understand why they’re there, but I don’t have to like it.

So, what would you do differently?

Nothing. When I was 18, I had all the answers. Today, all I seem to know is how little I know.

Some Sites I Frequent

Like many, I've come to the conclusion that social media is stupid but, unlike many, I think the entire universe is quite stupid and social media is as good a way to waste our time in it as any other.