My Spaces

You can tell a lot about someone from where they spend their time.

As financially foolish as it is to do so, I maintain a couple of households, one in South America and one in North. I often think about getting rid of one but the truth is I love them both. Here are a few photos.

Bello is a poor suburb of MedellĂ­n, Colombia. We moved there in 2019 for reasons I won't bore you with, but we might never leave. To no one's greater surprise than mine, we seem to have found a little piece of paradise for a price Canadians can only dream of.

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Surrey is also a poor suburb, this time of Vancouver, Canada, but poor is a relative thing in this case. It still costs far too much to live there, but I've got my reasons for doing so, one of which is that I love it there. It's also the place that immediately springs to mind when I use the word "home".

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